Flushing Queens Locksmith Service

24 Hour Locksmith Service in Flushing Queens is just a few minutes away. Our licensed technicians are ready to assist you any where anytime regardless of time or weather. Lockouts for home or business and automobile as-well as lost car keys can be opened and keys replaced by a licensed professional.

Locks and Security

Lock installations and the addition of security enhancing products are services that we provide as a Flushing Queens locksmith service. Our security specialists are prepared and well versed in the latest trends in home and corporate security. We offer free estimates on all lock installations .

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras and CCTV help prevent and solve crime in New York City on many levels. Proper installation and experience in locating blind spots and security threats are some of the qualities that a professional security technician must have. Call Us for a free estimates and repairs.


Flushing Queens Locksmith Service is available 24 Hours Call us 718-412-1332

Licensed Locksmith service from a company that is New York Based. The Flushing Queens Locksmith service that we provide is local providing rapid response times and excellent service.

We Promise to Protect and to Serve New York City

What is a Locksmith? The definition of a 5 Star Locksmith is not only someone who installs locks! It is a person that has the ability to implement a vast array of security measures both mechanical and electrical to protect your home or business. Locksmiths have protected New York City for years, with locks and doors. With todays security risks and the technology available, a Locksmith in New York must be a security professional and be well versed in all aspects of security.

Our Flushing Queens Locksmith and Security company provides local service.

When in need of a locksmith company in Flushing Queens it is always best to use a local locksmith who is licensed.

Save Fast Locksmith has serviced the borough of Flushing Queens with licensed security technicians and has consulted numerous agencies on perimeter protection and access control. We are not just a locksmith company, we are your answer to home and business security.

Some of our services include

Emergency locksmith service, 24 hour locksmith service, locks, gates, window guards, roll down gates, doors, surveillance cameras, safe installations and repair,magnetic locks, intercoms, buzzer systems, biometric security, and so much more.

Our Flushing Queens Locksmith service is dedicated to customer service and excellent workmanship. If you have a situation the requires special assistance such as integrating your locks with a new access control systems we will send you a locksmith that specializes in electronic locks and doors. If you are locked out of your home or you can expect an expert locksmith that is trained to handle emergency service 24 hours.


Queens Locksmith service is just a minute away as our company strives to perform beyond our customers expectations.

We offer free estimates and special discounts on locks and locksmith service for qualifying customers.

Our emergency service is second to none as we will work for free if we are called to any situation involving a child that is locked in a car or home. We do not charge an emergency locksmith fee and standard fees apply night and day as there are no extra charges for locksmith service do to time of day. We guarantee all locks provided by our company for six months from time of installation and can quickly install new security products and locks for victims of domestic violence or crime. Please feel free to contact a Flushing Queens Locksmith to ask questions or schedule an appointment as our operators are on standby.

President of SaveFast Locksmith Flushing Queens